Lies and How They Can Destroy Your Business and Marriage

12 Truths About Lying


1. Honesty may not always pay, but lying always costs.

2. Trust is a tower, built stone by stone, lies take stones from the bottom.

3. There is no security in secrecy; every undiscovered lie is a live landmine.

4. Lies breed a bodyguard of new lies to protect themselves.

5. Lies look very different to the person lied to than the person telling the lie.

6. Rationalizing, justifying or trying to minimize a lie only deepens distrust.

7. When we are lied to we wonder: “What else have you lied to me about?”

8. It only takes one lie to make you a liar or distrust someone who lied to you.

9. Apologies for lying help but they can’t remove the scar or heal the wound.

10. You can’t disguise lies in half-truths or silence; a lie is a lie. 11. Lying is not only dishonest; it’s disrespectful. 12. When you lie to a liar your still a liar.

– Michael Josephson

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