Business Case #2: Taking the Heat

You are the manager of a regional office.  Your employees claim that it is too cold at their work stations.  A comprehensive heating system would be prohibitively expensive (about $25,000).  The president of the company is unsympathetic, so you make an unauthorized purchase of six space heaters to put around employees’ desks.  To place them correctly, you use extension cords and tape the wires to the carpet so no one will trip.  You believe the method is safe, and no one has tripped.

A building inspector, who just happened to drop by, tells you that the system violates city codes and must be removed and that your company is subject to a $1,000 fine.  You know your employer will be furious if he has to pay the fine.  The inspector tells you that if you will give him $100 he will forget what he saw and let you continue using the heaters.  You can squeeze $100 out of petty case without anyone knowing.  What do you do?