Business Case #5: Everybody’s Doing It

You are a new employee.  After a few weeks, you discover that many people in your department take company supplies, make personal calls on company phones and pad expense reports.  Your supervisor is one of the persons involved and he claims that the company treats such minor acts as a kind of fringe benefit to make up for low salaries.  He strongly suggests that you should do it too so the rest of us don’t look bad.

  1. What do you do?

Comments 1

  1. I would not participate with the common practice. Someone has to break the cycle. Interestingly enough costs like these add up. They may be at noise level and not registering but it is the same as stealing the same supplies from the store. They are not yours. Of course in this case your Supervisor is authorizing you to take them but I am not sure I could live with myself by stealing. There may have been a younger time in me that I might have even justified this action , but not today.

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