Value of Assessment of Corporate Culture and Practices

Assessments of Corporate Culture – Diagnose Vulnerabilities and Stimulate Improvements

Value of Assessment of Corporate Culture and Practices

JI FRESNO POLICE STUDY HAVING MAJOR IMPACT. According to the Fresno Bee the Josephson Institute’s 93-page study and report “Assessment of the Organizational Culture and Performance of the Fresno Police Department” (submitted December 29) has already led to major changes,

JI, a nonprofit ethics organization based in Los Angeles, was commissioned by the Fresno Police Department and City Attorney to conduct a comprehensive assessment of the Fresno Police Department. The Institute custom designs similar assessments for corporations and government agencies. Normally, such reports are internal documents and it is the choice of the client whether to make it public but in this case it was obtained and published by the Fresno Bee. You can read or download the full report and see the questions at

You can also see the Fresno Bee article written about the report at and a follow-up editorial article and editorial report extensive changes underway and planned in direct response to the report. The editorial urges Chief Jerry Dyer to follow the recommendations of the report and stresses the responsibility of city government to restore the departments workforce to 2009 levels (the Report indicates that the Fresno police Department is greatly understaffed and underfunded). It has about 175 fewer officers now than it had in 2009.

Fresno is the fifth largest police department in California with approximately 725 sworn officers.

The Josephson Institute also collaborated with Embassy Consulting Services to deliver about 40 separate half-day workshops for all Fresno’s sworn and civilian employees. Services of the Institute are outlined at