Principled Reasoning: Using the Six Pillars of Character as a Filter for Decision Making

Is the conduct I’m considering consistent with my obligations to be trustworthy?

  • Am I prepared to be truthful, sincere and candid?
  • Is it consistent with what I believe and what I say?
  • Have I made any promises I will have to break?
  • Am I being disloyal to anyone?

Will I be treating everyone with appropriate respect?

  • Is my conduct courteous and civil?
  • Am I respecting the autonomy, dignity and privacy of others?
  • Can anything I am doing be reasonably construed as an act of prejudice or intolerance?

Is the conduct I am considering consistent with my responsibilities?

  • Am I being accountable for what I am doing or not doing?
  • Am I really pursuing excellence?
  • Am I exercising appropriate self-restraint?

Is what I am considering doing fair to all concerned?

  • Is anyone being taken advantage of?
  • Is the conduct consistent with principles of equity, equality, impartiality and openness?
  • Does the conduct I am considering show concern for the well-being of others?
  • Am I unnecessarily harming anyone?
  • Can I be kinder or more considerate?
  • Am I doing what I ought to do as a good citizen?
  • Am I breaking any laws or rules?
  • Am I doing my share for the community?