Survey: Europeans Wrestle With Managing Corporate Culture

European survey: boards struggle with culture

by Gavin Hinks 

New research from Board Agenda, conducted in association with Mazars and INSEAD, reveals that while some boards recognise the value of corporate culture, a significant number are still grappling to give it adequate time and attention.

Almost two-thirds of European company directors work on boards that either fall short of giving corporate culture significant attention, or fail to include it in their formal risk-management systems, according to new research.

Board Leadership in Corporate Culture: European Report 2017, conducted by Board Agenda in association with professional services firm Mazars, and business school INSEAD, gathered the views of 435 board members across Europe.

The survey found that 63% either work on boards that exclude culture from formal risk considerations, or fail to routinely assess the risks associated with their own corporate cultures.

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