WORTH READING: Mindset Matters: Corporate Attitude and Effective, Reflective Policies

By Sophie Wade (Huffington Post)

Change is becoming a constant and self-disruption almost a necessity to adapt, transform, and future-proof your business. Open and flexible attitudes reduce the potential struggle of executives and workers to assimilate the fundamental ongoing evolution in progress related to digitally-activated interconnectedness and the speed with which updates and iterations are occurring. The essence of the corporate mindset is then, in turn, translated into policies that are well-harmonized to reflect a coherent approach across the company ecosystem.

Business developments are happening at much accelerated pace. The makeup of the S&P 500 is changing faster than ever, with the average lifetime of Fortune 500 companies dropping from seventy-five years to fifteen over the last half-century and still declining.[i] We are moving away from the closed, rigid, and compartmentalized structures and processes of the early Industrial Age.

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