The leadership challenge in building police-community trust.

It is hard to believe how little progress we have made since Rodney King to create positive, trusting police-community relations. Despite mountains of reports, new rules, policies and training materials accompanied by sincere rhetoric, the likelihood of explosive incidents like the current ones in Ferguson Missouri and New York City seems as great or greater than it was in the …

The Ethics of Opposition Research and Negative Campaigns in Business

My guess is the ship has already sailed and I missed the launch, but I had no idea how professionalized the concept of opposition research had become and was really surprised to first hear the term “weaponize” in relation to facts. Just a few years ago, a major public relations firm was damaged by criticism that it was conducting an opposition …

Does the Golden Rule Work in Business?

Are the rules for living a good life really different from the rules in business. Do we change the goal of our activities from fulfillment to simply fillment?  Is the golden Rule really required? Is it worth the cost?

The Profound Power of Teamwork

It’s amazing how much can be accomplished when no one is worried about who will get the credit. The profound power of teamwork is the sublimation of personal ego to successful accomplishment of a common goal.

HIRE FOR CHARACTER, TRAIN FOR SKILLS: Character is an Essential Competence

 If you were hiring a new CEO, what are the most important qualities you’d look for? Surely you’d want a high level of demonstrated competence – knowledge, experience, intelligence, vision, communication, and relationship skills and the ability to motivate, manage, and solve problems. But what about qualities such as honesty, moral courage, accountability, and fairness? Despite bold rhetoric about the indispensability …