BUSINESS ETHICS INSIGHT: Kids who cheat in school

  BUSINESS ETHICS INSIGHT: Kids who cheat in school  are much more likely to become adults who cheat at work. By the way, people who will lie or cheat for you will also cheat and lie to you. Cheating is a habit. It’s a coping strategy that doesn’t necessarily go away when kids become adults. The integrity of your employees, …

TIMELY INSIGHTS: There are great dividends…..

TIMELY INSIGHTS: There are great dividends to time spent motivating and training people who work with you to become more productive. Of course they will accomplish more, but even more important their productivity will give you more time to do something else.

The Profound Power of Teamwork

It’s amazing how much can be accomplished when no one is worried about who will get the credit. The profound power of teamwork is the sublimation of personal ego to successful accomplishment of a common goal.

BUSINESS ETHICS INSIGHT: The Intimidating Power of Integrity

A teacher once wrote telling me that a parent with a great deal of clout at her school asked her to change attendance records to make her child’s record look better. The teacher said she thought long and hard about the request but eventually refused, knowing it would make the parent angry. I commended her moral courage. I wish it …

LEADERSHIP INSIGHT: The Failure of Leadership and the Government Shutdown

The test of leadership is efficacy. In politics, elected leaders must pursue their principles in a manner that respects but is not entirely subordinate to the desires of a majority of constituents. That requires a balance between ardently advocating one’s own ideology and strategically accepting and respecting contrary views of equally sincere leaders. In 2013, as we witness one more …